Raptor Arizona is the new online presence of Scott Medesha and Medesha Firearms. The business is located outside of metro Phoenix, Arizona on the outskirts of Mesa.

As history, Scott Medesha has spent over 30 years in the firearms industry building AR-15’s, AR-10’s, M-1A’s, M-1 Garand and Bolt Action Rifles for competition target shooting.


When you look at the history of the AR-15, Scott is part of an elite group of gunsmiths including Derrick Martin of Accuracy Speaks and Frank White of Compass Lake Engineering that led the innovation of the AR-15 from a military rifle to a competition rifle.

There are many assemblers of parts out there, but few true masters of the AR who understand the operating dynamics of the rifle and the fitment necessary to make the rifle perform at its peak, not only in 5.56 NATO, but in alternative cartridges that have included the 22 PPC, 6 PPC, 6×45, 257 RAPTOR 6.5 PPC. 6.5 Grendel and 7 RAPTOR.

223 Remington vs 6.5 Grendel vs 7 RAPTOR

Ready to discuss your next build, email us at raptorgunsmithaz@gmail.com or call 480-986-5876.