Scott Medesha has been building custom AR-15 based rifles for over 30 years. When you look at the history of the AR-15, Scott is part of an elite group of gunsmiths including Derrick Martin of Accuracy Speaks and Frank White of Compass Lake Engineering that led the innovation of the AR-15 from a military rifle to a competition rifle.

Innovation beyond parts and accessories to include finding new performance in the AR-15 with cartridges like the 22 PPC, 6 PPC, 6.5 PPC, 6.5 Grendel, 6×45, 257 RAPTOR and 7 RAPTOR for short barrel rifles and pistols to long barrel competition rifles, Scott Medesha has been on the leading edge of innovation with the AR-15.

In house services include custom CNC machining, barrel turning, Cerakote and engraving.

The First 6.5mm AR – Birth of 6.5 Grendel with Medesha stock, side charging handle, adjustable gas block and 26 inch barrel.
7 RAPTOR AR-15 Test Rifle with side charging handle, cerakote
7 RAPTOR 20 inch Barrel with Deadfoot Side Folding Stock System
7 RAPTOR 16 Inch with Deadfoot Side Folding Stock

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